Review From Our Customer

I have liked Wumo SEO since I started using it.  The interface was simple and most importantly it delivered results.  If you’re not already using  Wumo SEO to increase your keyword rankings, then you should read my Wumo SEO review to see if the program is right for you.

There’s been one thing that has bothered me about BMR however.  I haven’t read anything definitive about how many posts you should do or what is most effective.

One site advocates doing as many posts as possible in a month’s time but I have to take this recommendation with a grain of salt because they just so happen to have a sister site that sells BMR posts.  On the other hand, I’ve seen documented tests that have delivered results with less than 20 posts a month.  In case you want proof, the Electron Plumber did this when he tested Wumo SEO against several other SEO tools.  See his Great Link Building Experiment of 2011.  He’s actually a big part of my inspiration to start my own testing.

We’ve always been told that more is better when it comes to linkbuilding but is there a point of diminishing returns?  If you are to bake a care at 350 degrees for 30 minutes, you can’t do it in half the time by doubling the temperature (even if ovens reached 700 degrees.)  So that’s the point of this experiment.  Can you get the same results with 10 posts as you do with 30?

To start, I know that even 30 posts are going to make much of a dent in a competitive keyword.  It will take 100′s of posts and many months to get where you want with a tough keyword.  This is a proof of concept.  If traditional strategy holds, three times as many links will yield three times the results.  I intend to discover the truth with regard to how this works in BMR.

So here’s the test specifics:

I have created 3 new pages on a two year old domain that has a PR of 2.  Each page is designed for a specific keyword.

My three keywords have exact searches of 1000, 1000, and 880.  I would have liked to have had all three with the exact same number of searches but I believe that this is close enough so as to not affect my results.  I chose the threshold of 1000 searches as this is enough to be worth the bother to promote but low enough that I should be able to see results fairly quickly.

Although it’s difficult to judge the quality of the competition for the keywords, all three yield results between 250-350,000 pages in Google.

My methodology is pretty simple.  I will use Wumo SEO to promote each keyword.  I will create ten articles/links for one keyword, twenty for the next, and thirty for the final keyword.  I like to use this for my research because it reports the results of the top 1000 in Google.  While it’s unlikely that I’ll get any traffic when I rank at 700, it is very useful to see how things are moving.

Reaching a conclusion

At the end of one month I hope that things will be conclusive.  I am looking for one of three possible results.

  • 30 posts will outpace 20 posts which will outpace 10 posts. I’ll be looking for significant differences like 100, 200, 300 or 33, 58, 76 – not 33, 36, 38.
  • There is a significant drop off or point of diminishing returns between 20 and 30. In this instance results would look like 33, 36, 58.
  • There is no significant difference between 10 posts and 30 posts. If this is the case, the results will be bunched together like 22, 24, 27.

If for some reason I don’t get conclusive results within one month I will run the test again for a second month.  Inconclusive results would be something like all three keywords ranking in the 300′s or the keywords ranking out of order – like the 20 post keyword ranking higher than the 30 post keyword.

I plan on posting weekly updates so everyone can see the progress.  These won’t be definitive though because of the way the posts will be done.  In other words, 10 and thirty aren’t divisible by 4 so I won’t have the same number of posts every week.

If you have any questions about the test, feel free to post them in the comments.  I’ll post the links to the results at the bottom of this post so you can bookmark this page and come back to it for easy access.