How To Extract Results, Links From Search Engines?

There are many ways to parse search engine results, you can extract URLs (or text) manually, or automate everything and use software to save some time.

From which search engines should you extract results (links aka urls, text, title, etc)?

You have actually no limits when using manual method. Just go ahead and extract from anywhere you want.

Probably the most accurate are Google search results. However, if you want parse to have as many results as possible, you should use at least 3: Google, Yahoo, MSN (Live).

If you ready to spend some money, we recommend you “Search Engines Parser” software aka extractor. It will not only parse results from Google, Yahoo, MSN (Live) but also Some of this script features include:

  • 100% Automatic
  • Highly Customized
  • Premium Proxy Support
  • Many Data Export Options
  • Server Side Module

We really love this software. You can use multiple keywords and extract thousands of results from search queries. It works fast, got proxy support and exports data to mysql, txt (you can copy results from browser window and paste it anywhere you want), csv, etc, etc.

If you want to save your time and get thousands of links within a few seconds instead of doing all manually, feel free to download Search Engines Parser.