One Ways Text Link

We have finally launched permanent text links at You do not have to pay on a monthly basis. The links which we get for you are permanent one way text links. Our service provides you the best theme-related text links which look 100% natural to major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. For the past five years we have built a huge network on the web to provide permanent niche related links to your site.

We have already tried every link building technique for our affiliate and money making sites. But we have been much more successful with social bookmarking, directory submission and article directory submission. Through our decades of knowledge we can strongly conclude that text links are the best option for deep optimization. You can see faster SERP results with theme related text links.

We have seen many service providers who are providing “buy text links” service programs from unrelated sites and this may lead to Google penalties at times. We strongly suggest that you do not go for such kinds of services. They do not provide niche related links even if they promise you links from higher “Page Rank” sites. This type of link popularity is always worthless for standard SERP results for your customized keyword. If you do not feel confident about home page links then go for contextual links. I can say contextual links are the best way of link building to gain higher SERP’s.

The biggest advantage that you can get when you choose to buy text links is that you are not forced to reciprocate to the website that has embedded the link to your website. This saves you from having to link back to bad websites. This is perhaps the biggest reason behind the growing popularity of one way link building. It is also a reason for its universal acceptance among people responsible for the marketing of websites.

Another great advantage of using one way text links is they do not have to be modified repeatedly. You just create them once. After this they will keep on directing users to your website almost endlessly.

Our sources are vast and enable us to provide our customers with enough links that boost your website’s ranking on the most popular search engines. We ensure that we follow the guidelines set out by the various search engines. The result is that the websites of our clients secure a place amongst the highest ranked websites. In addition our link building experts work towards enhancing the backlinks to your website which results in your site becoming a trusted member of the industry.

Quality one way text link programs are as in these categories :

Text links from home pages :

  • We will find the best niche related website with high PR, and we will place your link in blogroll.
  • We will accept 20-25 words of unique content from you to create the anchor text. We will fit this content in a home page as it seems to appear very natural to search engines. This is the best natural method.
  • We have high quality ranked text links and customers on the web. We do not spam nor do we do hard searching. Our service provides permanent check control of the text links through various check tools.
  • Instead of submitting same anchor and description we are pleased to provide different anchors with different descriptions so that it looks very natural to Google. They will not appear like purchased links. This condition applies only if you buy bulk text links.

Text links from deep pages :

Buying text links from deep pages is also related to blog posts. These links are the best natural looking method to Google. If your website is strong enough due to link popularity with contextual links from related pages, then you do not have to worry about serps. This is what we give a guarantee. For more details you can check our contextual link program.

Our service is entirely dedicated in providing niche related text links from home page, deep links, article directory submission services and blog commenting services. We have helped many companies to rank higher in the SERP’s for their optimized keywords. Through fame and reputation we are pushing our services to the extreme limit to fulfill your needs.