The Power of Good Links

I have recently discovered something that I have suspected for a while but never had definitive information to prove it.  It relates to the importance of having quality links point toward your site.  Now, you probably already knew that it’s important to have high PR links pointing back to your site and that a PR 2 is more than twice as valuable as a PR 1.  That isn’t the point I’m trying to make although that is true.

When I talk about quality, at least as far as this article is concerned, I’m talking about how relatable the ad is to your site.  For instance, let’s say that you have a website about cars.  You can get a high PR link from a site about cosmetics and it will certainly help, but if you get a high PR link from another site about cars it will help you even more.

Here’s what I did.  I have two sites that both rank for the same keyword.  This is partially by accident and partly design.  I route my traffic from site A which is a general site to site B which is focused on that keyword and similar words.  The funny thing is that site A ranks higher for the keyword even though it is no longer designed to do so.  It’s a higher PR site and is much older so it’s considered the authority over site B.

What happened though was that I was given a review copy of a backlink service.  Given the specific parameters of the test Site A was better suited to promote the keyword even though I’d probably gain more if I had promoted Site B.  At the start of the test, Site A ranked #12 for the keyword while Site B ranked #53.  I did no other promoting other than the service to promote the keyword on Site A.

Two weeks after the test, the keyword on Site A has risen as it was supposed to but it’s a relatively small rise from #12 to #7.  On the other hand, Site B which had absolutely no links added to it rose from #53 to #19.  So what conclusions have a drawn from this?  If your links come from related sites it is as important as whether they are high PR.  Because Site A was considered to be a higher authority on my keyword at the end of the test the links going from it to Site B were considered stronger.  I have absolutely no other explanation other than this.  Nothing else was done that would effect that kind of change and it couldn’t have been coincidence that Site B rose at the very same time that Site A rose.

So, when you are looking for places to put links, consider the source and I’m not just talking about the page rank.  If you can get links on related sites it will be weighed more than unrelated sites.